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What can you say? It started as a fishing village, Bristelmestune, back in the Domesday Book (1086), later Brighthelmstone. It took about 800 years and the arrival of the railway to turn it into the resort it is today. The original rock n’ roll Prince Regent, who became King George IV, set the tone and Brighton has continued the theme ever since.

It had a long history of scruffy, untidy down-home resort for decades after WW2, and really was in the doldrums in the 1960s and 1970s. (Take a look at Dr Anthony Seldon’s book, ‘Brave New City’ -

During that time, the University of Sussex and Brighton Poly (now University of Brighton), gradually grew. Their expansion, coupled with the enthusiasm that ex-students had for the town, created an energy which emanated northward toward London, attracting the attention of jaded city dwellers. By the late ‘80s, we started to get a real influx of immigrants from other national cities, especially London, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Edinburgh, Bristol and Cambridge.

The population has risen to almost 250,000 and we expect there to be upward of 20-30,000 fresh residents over the next 15 years. This is putting a lot of pressure on the local council to develop it’s housing strategy exponentially to meet the expected demand. The City Council has a draft Core Strategy to 2026 which is worth taking a look at:

There are sites at the Marina, the King Alfred, Shoreham Harbour, in the Lewes Road near the University of Brighton, and the Station site, all being earmarked for new development.

There are around 400 pubs in Brighton and you would think there were that many clubs too...Quality restaurants, which years ago, did not exist locally, are 2 a penny. Some of our favourites are (in no particular order): The Gingerman, Terre a Terre, The Marinade (next door to us!), Sam’s Place, The Saint, Blanch House, La Fourchette, Gingerman at Drake’s. Some favourite pubs: The Basketmakers in Gloucester Road, The Hanover, Queen’s Park Road, The Walmer, Queens Park Road, The Pub with No Name, Southover Street, The Ranelagh, St James Street, The Office in Sydney Street…there are so many…The Nelson, The Battle of Trafalgar…must stop now!! (only problem is that most of the good pubs are in Brighton, not Hove.

Of course, bounded by the sea and the Downs, land is a finite resource, hence the cost of buying or renting in the City. This has never deterred incomers and, we have seen dramatic price rises since the late ‘90s. Of course, there is a limit to affordability and the big factor now is that, locally, salaries have not kept pace with house price inflation. With lending institutions tightening their criteria, we are entering a new era for property in the City…watch this space!

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