Activity in Brighton Property sales and lettings

August was surprisingly busy given it can be a bit slow, with people on holiday.  But given the quiet market earlier in the year in Brighton & Hove, there has been a lot of ground to catch up. 

September was however not as busy as one would expect.  However, October has started well, lettings in Brighton are very swift to go and we need more property to let at Bonett's. 

Sales has been dogged by a lack of confidence from sellers, worried about not finding a property to buy when they have sold.  If everyone waits for everyone else, nothing happens.  Luckily, there is a steady drip of new properties in Brighton coming onto the market and, if priced accurately, there are a lot of buyers out there.  We had 22 viewings on one day on a house in Queen's Park and sold it for well above the asking price!!  Just goes to show...

Sellers really don't need to wait for anything now as the buyers are there, mortgages are somewhat easier to come by and prices are firming up.  Give us a call.