Assertiveness plus care

Over the years, I must have read countless articles and heard a mass of stories of property deals going wrong.

Some of them are random events, people overextending themselves or changes in circumstances: many however are down to people crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.  I think the days of hoping for the best are past...

As an industry, we need to shape up and start to call a spade a spade.  For too long, clients have been unforthcoming on a whole variety of matters, even ownership of a property they want to sell!  Sounds crazy but quite often you find out (after they tell you they own it) that in fact, there is a joint owner, or it belongs to their mum or their daughter or their uncle!  Your agent can only sell it on behalf of the registered owner unless with Power of Attorney.

Next is the price.  Don't go there!  Last week we were invited to a flat, valued at around £500K a year ago.  We valued it at circa £550K.  Another agent had just told them £725K...50% price increase in just over a year!  Come on, get real! Luckily the owner was a sensible person but all too often, despite the fact we have been selling property in the area for over 25 years, we are told we don't know what we are talking about.

Another major influence on price and saleability is the property condition or lease issues.  To sell it first time, we need to know the issues, warts and all.  A surveyor will come around sooner or later and identify these.  If we are aware of these from the outset, we can forewarn buyers so they are not 'surprised' by the report and jump ship.

When you go to the doctor and ask him about your cholesterol and he tells you to stop eating all those chocolate bars, you're probably going to listen.  Everyone has expertise: you do your thing, agents do theirs.  

Working with an assertive, knowledgeable agent will make all the difference.  They are on your side to get the best price to the best person.  When they call a spade a spade they are helping you.  Accept the advice in a positive way and you will have a successful relationship; the best kind!

So, from the outset, give your agent the full story, however unpalatable you may find it.  If the agent is worth their salt and their fee, they will give you great advice on how to handle the issues that come up, offering specialist services where necessary, so you get the desired outcome - a move!  You need to trust them and work know it makes sense!

Paul Bonett  F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.