Be brave! Get your property on the market if you really want to move

You want to move this year?   What should you do first?

Few of us move home very often or it may even be the first time for many of us, so it can be very daunting. It can be confusing to know the right sequence to follow and so get the best result out of the whole affair.

We realise most people’s ideal is to get the best price with the least hassle and move at their preferred timescale.

How do you make the best impact, get the best price and be confident to entrust the whole process to people you may never have met before?

There is no such thing as a ‘Comprehensive guide to marketing my property’ but we hope this brief article will cover the major issues and activities you should address.

  • What is my home worth?

The first thing to do is choose 2 or 3 local agents to come in to your home. But, before they walk around, sit them down and talk through your plans and aspirations to make sure they understand your motives for selling. Don’t rush this part of the visit as the agent getting to know you and you getting a feel for that agent and their values is critical; after all, you’re going to be working together for quite some time so need to trust them: Book a Bonetts Valuation

You may get a wide disparity on pricing. But what do you really think it’s really worth? If it sounds unlikely, it probably is! At Bonett’s, we take accurate pricing very seriously. Overpromising and under delivering is no good for anyone.

It’s not all about highest price and lowest commission fee. What service is the agent going to offer you from start to finish? The ‘presentation’ can be very slick, but does that agent have the expertise to actually get you the best price in the market. Look at to see the quality of our site on PCs or mobile and discuss in depth with us what we do throughout the transaction. You need support from start to finish; not just in the ‘honeymoon period’, when it is new on the market.

  • Finance

Once you have had the ‘estate agent parade’, you will have a good idea of the money you have to play with. Then, speak to your Independent Financial Adviser or accountant to make sure your overall selling strategy, costs and financial outcomes are affordable and you can develop a workable budget.

  • What should I do about presenting my home?

Agents need to know the great things about your home but also, to manage buyers’ expectations, they need to know if there are any issues: damp, roofing, old electrics, old boiler, etc. These are not problems; they are opportunities for you and us to work out how best to offer the property in its best light. Buyers always respect honesty and that’s one of our watchwords. There’s nothing worse than a nasty surprise when the survey is carried out or when the solicitors send over the paperwork and unexpected issues come to light. Being upfront is always the best way forward.

Simple, inexpensive jobs are well worth doing. De-cluttering is a must if you can as you want people to be able to see what they are buying. Sometimes, giving kitchens and bathrooms a professional clean can really help. If you are considering major works before selling, speak to us and we can advise you if it is worthwhile or not. We want you to get the best price the market will bear so will balance cost against likely price uplift.

  • The actual marketing.

It’s clear that getting your property seen easily on the web and elsewhere is essential. Thankfully, Bonett’s site is real-time, so our properties launch across the net as soon as we are told ‘GO!’ On Google, we are generally top of page 1 when you search ‘estate agents Brighton’ and we have seamless links to Rightmove and  The first couple of weeks of a property going ‘live’ are very important as that’s when the majority of people show interest, so pricing accurately and excellent marketing are critical.

  • Good agents love doing viewings.

We know how to show your home in its best light. Feel free to be at home when we bring people around but leave it to us.  After all, that’s one of the things you are paying for; professional viewings leading to a sale! We know when people are showing interest and we can follow up really effectively if we have shown them over in the first place. 

  • Offers

We work very hard when offers come in to help you get the best price from the best buyer. It is good for us to have a handle on your target sale price so we can work assiduously to get at least that but preferably more. We always thoroughly vet a buyer’s position before going forward to serious negotiations. This is another reason we prefer to carry out viewings as we are used to negotiating and some buyers try to discuss offers direct with owners and it can be very embarrassing for you.

  • Solicitors

We will generally recommend solicitors we know as we have experience of their ability and professionalism. We recommend on quality of service, not fee. It’s a false economy to choose either your estate agent or your solicitor on fee alone. You want care and expertise from both. The solicitors we recommend offer these.

  • Moving dates.

It’s a good idea to focus on a moving date and discuss this with your estate agent and solicitor early on in the transaction. We will pass this along to buyers and sellers so everyone starts concentrating on the same goal. The sooner this date can be set, the better. Then all parties in the transaction or chain of sales, can work together to make it happen. Before the actual moving date, make sure we have a set of keys and lastly, don’t start packing until your solicitor has exchanged contracts with your buyer’s solicitor. That usually occurs 2-4 weeks before your moving date.

As we said at the start, any list will never be comprehensive and cover all situations. So if you want more advice on a specific aspect of selling, such as: which comes first, selling or finding somewhere to buy and all the various scenarios one may need to handle wisely, email or call us.

If you would like us to come over and talk with you in person about your plans, please get in touch. We would love to help you.


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