BHEAA Annual Dinner and Award to Bonett's

Brighton's Grand Hotel was the venue for the annual estate agents ball last week when agents from across Brighton and Hove met to welcome their new president David Aspey, a partner with Sussex Surveyors.
David moved to Sussex 16 years ago after being made redundant and was immediately struck by the friendship and cooperation of the local estate agents and the business community. He says Hove is the best place he has ever worked.
He said: “It was a difficult time for me but I was made to feel welcome from the start. Over the years many of those agents I have worked with have become good friends.
“The next 12 months are going to be challenging for estate agents and associated businesses, and most have already made changes that should see them through these difficult times.
“I was particularly pleased that one of my first duties as president was to present the Brighton And Hove Estate Agents High Standards Award to Paul Bonett who is an example to us all.
“Not only is he keen on the development, welfare and training of his staff, he is chair of the Business Community Partnership and of the Education Business Partnership. “His dedication to the environment is well known in the city and he is the only estate agent I know who goes to business appointments on a bike. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is a deserved recipient of the award.”
One of Paul's roles as chair of the Education Business Partnership is to prepare young people for employment and last week he was at Patcham High for the school's version of Dragon's Den, Tiger's Lair.
He said: “It is a fun and informative way of giving young people the experience of the world of business and it is a job that gives me great satisfaction.
“I always try to look at things differently and I believe that when times are hard, like they are now, you should not turn inward but look outward and ask yourself 'what can I do for my city', because it is by working together that we are going to find success and come out in better shape.”
Paul is also known for his charity work, sponsorship for Brighton Festival, support for the association's code of conduct and he has recently launched a Facebook group called Cyclists With Manners, to encourage careful cycling around Brighton & Hove.

Picture shows Dee Bonett, Ben Hooper, Andrew Kay from the Latest Homes and Dave Beaken.