Big Brother Watch - local estate agents buying Electoral Roll info

 From Estate Agent Today:
Agents among biggest customers for electoral register data
Wednesday 11th September 2013
Estate agents are among the biggest customers who buy electoral register information from local councils.
The campaigning organisation Big Brother Watch has compiled a list of councils that sell the information, and their customers.
Foxtons, Winkworth, Countrywide, Your Move and Connells are all names that crop up, together with a number of independents.
There is absolutely nothing illegal with buying the edited register information – and indeed, 397 councils have sold personal information, with 2,742 sales over the last years, worth £265,161.

The biggest seller of information is Westminster.

Big Brother Watch is calling for the edited electoral register to be abolished, arguing that very few people know they can opt out, and that they do not realise their personal details can be sold.

Big Brother Watch director Nick Pickles said: “Registering to vote is a basic part of our democracy and should not be a back door for our names and addresses to be sold to anyone and everyone.

“Many people don’t realise that the pizza shops and estate agents drowning their doorsteps with junk mail are able to do so because their local council is forced to sell the names of every voter who fails to tick the right box when they register to vote.
“The edited register is a pointless waste of council time, undermines trust in the electoral system and contributes to huge volumes of junk mail. It should be abolished.”
A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: “It is completely unacceptable for councils to be profiting in this way.
“Junk mail is a menace and councils should be looking at ways to make sensible savings and not taking advantage of voters.”

Here in Brighton & Hove, are you receiving junk mail addressed to you from estate agents and what do you think of them having your details when you have not provided them?
At Bonett's, we would not use this method of canvassing as we think it is an invasion of privacy to seek potential clients names when they have not offered them to us. Paul Bonett F.N.A.E.A. M.A.R.L.A.