Bonett's clients: How you can help us help you.


Enhancing your property’s visibility

I hope you are well.  I wanted to get in touch to ensure you are up to date and getting the most out of our marketing of your property and how you could enhance YOUR role in it.  We always talk about working as a team with our clients and this is one way!

There is a great deal of talk on how best to spread the word about property and the best ways to use technology to find the right market.

Firstly, when you met us, we will have told you that is a real-time website: as we make changes to our properties in the office, these are immediately reflected on the internet, including on and  Secondly, if you do a google search for 'estate agents brighton' we generally are at the top of page one, where you and Bonett's want to be!

So that’s always going on giving us a steady stream of enquiries from near and far.

What I wanted to explain in more detail is our use of Social Media and how, if you want more exposure for your property, whether a sales or a lettings property, you can team up with us to ‘spread the word’.

For some time we have been building our FaceBook and Twitter profile. The Bonett's FaceBook page currently has 290 followers and our Twitter account @bonetts has over 1500 followers (my account @bonettpa has almost 1800). Already, this has big potential.  It’s here that we can work together to market your property and relationship with Bonett’s, making your property visible to many more people who then have the chance to buy or rent it.

If you want to make this happen for your property, it’s very simple.   You can go to our FaceBook page ( and ‘Like’ it.  You can then ‘share’ your property on the page on your ‘timeline’.  This may be re-shared by your ‘friends’ and you then get the benefit of ‘Social Media Marketing’...that’s it, almost.

Part two is this: Whenever we post a property on the FaceBook page, it automatically gets launched onto @bonetts Twitter page.  So, again, if you have a Twitter account, you can ‘Retweet’ it to your followers and they may then retweet it to theirs.  You may find it useful to set up an account for never know the benefits it may give you till you do.

That’s it for now.  Of course, I realise some people dislike social media and just ‘don’t do it’, but don’t worry, we will do it on your behalf.  We are getting more and more positive feedback from it and it could well be the tool that sells or lets your property with our expert staff making it happen on the shop floor.

Any questions or feeback, and if you need any help with this, please get in touch by phone or email ( )

Sorry this has been a bit long-winded but I hope you will find it useful.

Thanks for your time.

Paul and the Bonett’s team