Brighton 16 year old students seek work experience

Work Experience Opportunity for students and employers - fulfil your CSR agenda the easy way !

Patcham House SEN school have x 8 year 11 students (age 16) all young men. These students only have slight SEN issues and are in the main, undertaking mainstream GCSE and AQA awards with a view to going on to further education and seeking paid employment within the local area in the future.

The school have asked us to contact local employers through our usual networks, to establish whether any of our SME’s in particular would like to offer some extended work experience to any of these young people to give them a step up to the world of work, take on some employability skills and provide an extra pair of helping hands to your business. This will provide these young people with a step-up in their job search in the future. The duration of the placement is for one day a week for a term, or even two terms - a total of 30 weeks
(August to Christmas 2012 and January to Easter 2013).

To recognise this contribution from employers, there is a financial incentive in the region of £600 to £700 at the end of the placement if the student completes the placement with you . If you have the capacity to take on more than one student - even better!

Are you interested ? Please contact Therese Cole at the Brighton & Hove Education Business Partnership on 01273 294819 to discuss further or