Brighton landlords; is this the norm with your Letting Agent?

A national franchise letting agent is allegedly recommending its franchisees to get contractors to add commission to all works.

This is the article I wrote in 'Trust me I'm a Brighton Estate Agent' Facebook page.

Interesting and more. Allegedly, a national franchise letting agent is recommending its contractors to add 10% to their bills to mitigate against the potential loss of Tenant Fees next year. This 10% is then paid to the agent as commission. Article in PROPERTY INDUSTRY EYE: 

If an agent is overseeing a refurbishment project or major works, a fee is not unusual as there is a lot more work involved, but for everyday repairs? If you are a local Brighton landlord, you may want to check with your letting agent to see what if any commission arrangements they have in place with their contractors. It may be costing you

Paul Bonett F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.