A review of housing market statistics from official sources is being conducted on behalf of the National Statistician to consider user views over the coherence and comparability of these measures.
The first stage of the review focuses on the house price statistics produced by Land Registry and Communities and Local Government, in the context of the wider range of statistics that are available from other sources. As part of the review we wish to engage with users of these statistics.
If you use house price statistics we would be grateful if you would complete this user consultation questionnaire ( by 31st August 2010.
The questionnaire aims to collect information on uses of and satisfaction with house prices statistics, with particular emphasis on those from official sources. Please bring this consultation to the attention of any colleagues who might be interested in contributing.
Please also post as a response to this topic your thoughts about ways that the current house price statistics, or the way that they are reported, could be improved. Comments would be particularly welcome in relation to the relevance, coverage, timeliness, accessibility, comparability or coherence of house price statistics from official sources.
The second stage of the housing market statistics review will widen out the scope to explore user needs for official indicators of the housing market more generally.