Choosing an Estate Agent to sell your home - a fascinating insight

Yesterday, I was on the other side of the fence; selecting an estate agent to sell a home for family in London.

Last week, I chose three agents from looking at websites and talking with their staff to check they were competetent and experienced in that neighbourhood and yesterday we met.

We found all three agents very easy to talk with and they all had local experience and knew the likely buyers for that kind of property. How would we make a choice who to instruct?

On price, they were not far apart; on commission fee, they were all the same; on the Sole Agency period they would like, they were much of a muchness. So, on figures alone, it was not easy to make a choice(we are not averse to paying a sensible fee if the price attained is good). What was left to decide on? The 'Service Offer'.

Two of the three were multi-office firms, independent but quite large.  The managers I met were very good and quite expert in their area. They both suggested a similar marketing strategy and I was convinced they could deliver on it. The third agent was a one man band with about 30 years local experience and his name above the door; again, a local expert. At that point I was struggling with how to differentiate the three offers.

What the last one then offered was a detailed strategy for handling interest in the property to ensure the best price to the right buyer (one who could 'do the deal') was achieved. He was not brash and he didn't underestimate the challenges of the sale, given there seem to be some structural issues with the house, but he clearly had a wealth of experience to handle these issues in a positive way. The other two people were very good too so if the first one didn't make it happen, we know we have great back-up. 

To be honest, I was impressed at the professionalism of all three valuers and how straightforward they were. A big positive for estate agents when they often get such a lot of flack!!

Next step is to see if the family agree with my thoughts.


Paul Bonett  F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.