Dealing with damp in Brighton & Hove

 Dealing with damp issues in Brighton & Hove property

Damp in itself is not an insurmountable problem. It can be solved. Quite often though, with double glazing it can be a simple condensation problem with not enough through ventilation.

This is common with older properties that have been comprehensively modernised, and ironically it’s often the new double glazing that is to blame. In their original state, they were generally pretty draughty. A combination of sash windows and not fully sealed doorways, plus open fires in most rooms, ensured that there was always good air circulation. As a result: little or no condensation.

Now, with quite a lot of fully or even partially double glazed properties, there is less easy air circulation. Older double-glazing tended not to have ‘trickle vents’ (apertures above the glass to allow a small draft). You may need to replace or see if you can have these vents cut in.

Of course, rising and penetrating damp is also common in older properties, especially pre-1900. Nowadays, many of them have been damp-proofed, usually with some kind of guarantee. If you are buying an older property and the surveyor recommends a damp specialist’s report, don’t panic: it’s normal. Firstly, check with the agent to see if the seller has had damp-proofing work carried out and if there is any documentation. If the area of potential damp has been treated under guarantee, ask that firm to go back and re-inspect. You may want to ask for a second opinion too. Agents generally know which firms in the area are able to do this and can get it organised. Don’t worry; it is an independent report for you.

There is some speculation amongst surveyors that rising damp is an invention by damp - proofing specialist firms to create an industry.  Read ths blog for an insight:

Sometimes damp work becomes a part on the sales negotiation but often, a seller will say that it is part and parcel of buying period property and will not want to reduce the price. It’s a question of discussing and finding a solution which suits both parties.

As a buyer in Brighton and Hove, you need to expect something will come up and it is quite normal if a bit of a pain. So, if it does come up, be calm, talk to your agent and, if possible, your surveyor too and find a way forward.

Paul Bonett F.N.A.E.A. M.A.R.L.A.