We have recently been the focus of much media attention as a result of the company's desire to reinvent the language used in traditional property descriptions. Members of our team have featured on Radio 4's Today programme, Radio 5 Live's Breakfast programme, Radio Sussex, BBC TV South Today News and other media, including The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph .
The Bonett's team are taking part in creative writing workshops with Paul Lyalls, organised by New Writing South, an Arts Council funded organisation, partnering arts and business to improve communication. In these workshops, Paul Lyalls has helped the team members to expand their vocabulary by thinking differently about how homes can be described.

Paul Bonett says:
“We want to improve the way we describe people's homes; to step away from easy but tired cliches and try to think about what makes each home individual. The first port of call for most people is our website. Our words are what you first see. We want to engage with you more effectively, so we need to sharpen the quality of our language.

As an existing or new client, we hope you will like the innovation; as a customer we expect you will find the language we use more individual and ‘real’ ”.
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The illustration we are using comes from our participation in '41 Places' A Brighton Festival Event 2007