Google Analytics. Searching for estate agents in Brighton

I've just had a lengthy conversation with Troy Stanley, Chief Technical Officer at Resource techniques, team Association's software and web designers.

We looked at our Google Anaytics, reviewing search terms people use to find our site.  Of course, Google, to stop businesses literring their sites with terms such as 'property brighton', 'flats brighton', 'buying in brighton' etc., do not allow you to see a good proportion of the search terms but, the terms most popularly used by many of our would-be customers are 'bonetts estate agents', 'bonnetts brighton', 'bonnets brighton', 'bonett's kemp town' and so on.

This tells a good story, as we realise that many of our searchers have already heard about us and are therefore searching by name, even though the spelling of Bonetts is a bit random!

After the normal 'property search' landing page, the second and third most searched pages are the 'about us' and the 'valuation needed' pages.  

The moral of the story is that people know about us, want to find out more about us and then want to invite us over to look at their property and give them our advice.

If you are one of those who has already done these, we would love to help you sell.  If you are one of those who has looked but not gone further, please give us a call.  01273677365

We're people and property lovers, so don't be shy!

Happy 2015

Paul and the team