Just salesmen or the full package

You hear a lot today about 'wrap around' service but what is it?

In David Mamet's great and sad film, Glengarry Glenross, the salesmen are pitted against each other, trying to sell property at crazy prices, diving into a pit of despond in the process.  The bigger picture is not their concern.  They have targets to meet and that is the be all and end all.

In the past, that was often the way agents were targeted...just get the deal done, whatever it takes.  In the corporate world, long-term customer service and satisfaction was not a top priority as there was always someone else around the corner, willing to give you their property to sell.  Recommendation of satisfied customers was not a top priority.  It's like builders in London. Poor builders can get away with shoddy work for a long time as there is a massive pool of customers, over 10M of them.  But we all know that a builder in Brighton had better do good work as the pool is much smaller, social and other media are like jungle drums, and, if you mess your customers around, your reputation can be ruined overnight...word travels fast down here.

In estate agency, it's similar.  A good reputation can be soiled very quickly.  If you just want the deal in the drawer, done, it's quite easy.  There are lots of buyers, not that many properties on the market so demand is high.  But, what about 'wrap around'?

That's where we really enjoy ourselves.  We want to exceed your expectations of estate agents.  We know from reading comments on the industry, that estate agents' reputation is not exactly great, but strangely, when people are asked about specific agents, they can be quite complimentary.  But, where many fall down, is on the 'follow through'.  As I said, selling is not the hard part.  You put the property on the web, buyers see it, make an appointment to view and, if it suits, make an offer.  Not rocket science as they say.

It's what happens then that counts.  The testament for us is our feedback from clients who have gone through the process with us.  The feedback is that we don't stop there but go the whole way through to completion, keeping everything on track, keeping clients and buyers informed and nurturing the sale through.  That's where we earn our fee.

People sometimes call us 'old-fashioned'.  If care and attention to detail ar that; we like it and we're sure, when you sell, you'll like it too.

Unlike David Mamet's poor protagonists, we don't pit our staff against each other.  We make sure we work as a team on everything, so that you, our customers, always get the service you need.

Paul Bonett  F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.