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With Jonathan Rolls, well respected Sussex Square and Lewes Crescent specialists, closing their sales department to concentrate on property management, Jonathan has been kind enough to recommend us to his potential sales clients. Matt (who used to work here) and Rosie have been doing likewise…thanks a lot! We have recently sold 3 flats in the Square in quick succession.

There is solid evidence that the number of serious active buyers has increased dramatically in the last two months. This is very interesting as the last quarter’s economic figures paint a very different and dismal picture and one would expect the property market to follow the economic pattern, but perhaps it is ahead of it.

As I have said previously, there is a host of reasons which make local property buck the trend: these include buyers who have been waiting for what they perceive to be ‘good value’ property appear; buyers who have held off buying for a year or more, but who no longer want to remain in rented accommodation; buyers who are cash anyway and not dependent on finance; buyers with family money from inheritances, or from parents who have raised money on their own property to help their children get a foot on the ladder, then they only need small mortgages.


As a member of the Local Strategic Partnership, I hear the regular news that, despite difficulties in the economy locally and nationally, Brighton & Hove remain very sought after and there will be a need for a further 11,000 plus homes in the City over the next 15 years. Without extending onto the urban fringe, how are we going to cater for this continued demand to live in our great City? We at Bonett’s have found continued demand from London and south east, buyers and tenants, from students remaining after they finish at University and from many European mainland economic migrants, looking to make a living in and make Brighton their home.

LETTINGS Busier by the month, Lynda and her team, Murray, Hils and Bridgette, are getting great feedback from new landlords, not used to the personal service we offer. Landlords and tenants seem to be prepared to put up with second and even third rate service for a long, long time before taking a gamble on a new agent,. We are pleased that none of ours have regretted making the move to Bonett’s letting department.

Swine Flu. If you have a tenant leave a tenancy, who has just had Swine Flu, the NHS is recommending a special clean. We use Steve at ‘We wash windows’ who is fully set up to do these deep cleans. Please call us if you want his details.