Landlords. The importance of vetting tenants

Yet again, we have been called out by a dissatisfied Landlord with a local Brighton rental property.

We went to visit him some months ago to give him advice on letting out his local Brighton property. He himself lives in London so is very reliant on local expertise, not just in marketing the property well but finding the right tenant and matching that tenant to his property.

Unfortunately he did not give us his property to handle and returned to London. 

It all went horribly wrong with the tenant defaulting on paying rent and left early, before the tenancy expired. Clearly, the letting agent was not sufficiently thorough in vetting the prospective tenants.

He has now come back to us to let the property.

The big difference he will find between Bonett's and many agents is our team; we are here for the long-term. Our staff generally stay with us from 5 to 15 years and even more. So, if we deal with a property badly, we also have to pick up the pieces.

If you work with a letting agent with a high turnover of staff or with outsourced property management where you, the client are just one of thousands, i.e. a number, you just cannot get the same level of service. If it goes wrong, it's just one in thousands. For us, every property is our most important property; every landlord is our most important landlord and every tenant is our most important tenant. It's the only way as far as we are concerned.

The message is: if you want to be properly looked after, you need your agent to spend enough time evaluating prospective tenants to choose them well. If the agent is tasked by their firm to just get the property let, i.e. get the commission in, they don't really care about what you want, they just need to get the deal done. That is not our way.

We always think: you can rush the vetting and repent at leisure or take a little more care and make a good choice.

So next time you are tempted by a fast-talking letting agent offering low fees and very speedy lets, be cautious and talk to us; you won't be disappointed. Abigail or Kerri are at the end of the phone 01273677365 or email