Open houses to sell Brighton property: a good idea?

 Open Houses to sell property – A good idea?

When you make potentially the most important personal and financial decisions of your life, do you want to try to make a reasoned decision, based on your intellect, your intuition, your emotions and your sensations as you view a property? Probably…
But how can you do that if you are herded around a property with a group of other potential buyers in tow, feeling pressured to make a decision based on the fear of losing it rather than the benefits of buying it.
We won’t ever do that to you. We know that, to make good decisions, people need time and space. Being hassled into making a decision by a pushy agent or by the thought of losing a property you have not yet clearly decided you want, is invidious.
So, the next time an estate agent suggests an ‘Open House’ to you as a seller, think how you would feel if you were put into that scenario…it’s not nice and not helpful.
Agents are paid to provide a service so they should individually escort prospective buyers through your property, giving them time to make good decisions. Then they do not regret and withdraw. In addition, imagine if the best buyer who would have paid the best price, could not make the Open House slot…

When you stop to think, it makes complete sense.

Paul Bonett F.N.A.E.A. M.A.R.L.A.