Probate property advice and valuations

Over the last year, we have dealt with several probate property sales for a variety of clients who live in the UK and abroad.

We realise this is a time when people need the agent they appoint to be particularly sensitive to the needs of executors and beneficiaries.  It is not a time for hyperbole and the 'pushy' approach.

Beneficiaries often have competing wants and needs.  A good agent will attempt to find common ground to allow a sale to proceed without undue hassle to the parties.  Keeping executors advised of viewings, potential interest, offers and, when the sale is in hand with solicitors, moving it forward cautiously but expeditioulsy is critical.  

Fixtures and fittings may need to be negotiated or the agent may be asked to recommend auctioneers or clearance companies, professional cleaners and so on.  Should minor repairs be done or should the property be 'sold as seen'?  A thorough agent will be able to advise on all of this to ensure the executors and hence beneficiaries get best advice.

We enjoy dealing with this balance of interests and if you want to ask us for advice, please get in touch.

We have found the solicitors who have to liaise with us are pleased with our professional approach and sensitive tenacity.