Selling in the Spring?

Although this weekend looks as though it's a retreat to mid-Winter, the forecast is that we should have Spring-like weather on the way shortly.

There is an increase in potential buyer enquiries now. The challenge for buyers though, is a sufficient selection of properties to look at to find the place they want. Meanwhile, sellers may get a valuation but will often sit on their hands for a while, although they do want to move. They will be watching the market along with many other sellers. The motivating factor to go on the market is to suddenly see somewhere they want to move to. Then there can be a panic to get going quickly; urgently trying to get a property on the market and sold in double quick time.

Stress is the obvious result!

How to avoid stress:

It's obvious; if you want to move, you need a buyer first. This can be hard to manage unless you are well looked after. So, choose an agent who will handle buyer expectations transparently. So often we hear from buyers of properties they have 'lost', that the agent didn't give them any sense of timescale. This can equally apply to sellers. Be honest and open with what you want to achieve and what may interfere with your plans. Here at Bonett's we realise that lives are often 'complicated' and we need to factor in everything we can for it to work well for all concerned.

Timescales. From putting a property on the market to moving is likely to be four to six months, even with a everything going swimmingly. So, if you are intent on a 2017 move without rushing, it makes sense to start early. Bonetts Valuation

If you want to talk through your plans with me, just call the office 01273 677365. I'm generally here, or speak to one of my colleagues. Timothy Denning knows the score very well and he can give you great advice.

Paul Bonett  F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.