Some Facebook comments on Hanover Community FB page - The Hanover Hive!
There's been a thread running about whether or not the property market in Brighton is stagnant or not; I've been responding:
  • Market is good if properly priced. Lot's of people looking for sure and some of them are even in a position to buy, although quite a few are looking but have not yet sold their own or yet gone on the market.
  •  The comment about taking a low offer reflects that agents tend to overprice to get the property, then you have to 'sacrifice'. In fact, you are getting what it's worth.  A house will sell for what it will sell for; if cheap, it will get bids over the asking price and if too much, few viewings, few if any offers and a slight sense of disappointment. The art is to get it on at a competitive (aka. realistic) price to maximise viewings and then sell quickly.
  •  Fall throughs are another bugbear. We spend lots of time ensuring the buyer is as solid as poss before putting them forward, to try to avoid FTs. Our FT rate is c.10%. Industry norm is 30-40%. Tells a story.
Paul Bonett  F.N.A.E.A.  M.A.R.L.A.