Summer selling.  Is it a good move?


Q. I’m wondering if there’s any sense trying to sell over the summer. Should I simply wait until September?

A. The short answer is no – although there will undoubtedly be some whose response is, “Well, estate agents would say that, wouldn’t they!”

However, there are actually two very good reasons why you shouldn’t delay. Firstly, you should always aim to sell when it suits you - so, if you really want to get moving now, you should stick with it.

Secondly, the fact is that at any given time of year, you can find prospective buyers – and high summer is no exception. Granted, it is a widely-held belief that the property market basically goes into suspended animation between mid July and mid September. However, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. There are buyers out there - maybe not as many as in the autumn, but they are just as keen to buy. Indeed, for those people in jobs that come with long summer holidays (like teachers, for example), this is precisely the time that they will be actively househunting – particularly if they are moving to a different area to take up a new job. The same, of course, goes for families with children who may be moving up to a new school.

Also, don’t forget that while buyers may be thinner on the ground, so too are properties for sale – precisely because so many homeowners subscribe to the theory that summer is a useless time to put their homes on the market! As a result, buyers will generally have less choice.

All in all, therefore, high summer can be just as good a time to sell as any other. Indeed, many agents will tell you that August is actually one of their busiest months.

And don’t worry about it interfering with your own holiday plans, either. Just give your estate agents the keys and let them deal with viewings and so forth while you’re away. Not only are they the best-qualified people for the job, but it also relieves you of the chore of constantly having to tidy your home. Just remember to leave a contact number – and you could find yourself in the enviable position of accepting an offer on your home while lazing in a hammock under a palm tree!