The internet has created a Global Village

I've been doing some more research on the cities and towns around the world where we are a target estate agent when people are thinking of moving to Brighton or Hove.

Most searches, not surprisingly, came from Brighton and Hove, then London.  After that, this month we have had Worthing, Croydon, Manchester, Southend, Walton on Thames (?) and Edinburgh. Beyond that, we have lots of people enquiring from all around the UK and a few from Eire.  Further afield, Paris tops the list this month, then Rome, Dubai and Cairo.  Sometimes, the USA and South America have regular hits on the site. 

We generally have a batch of hits from typical ex-pat communities; southern Spain, Australia, south-west France, maybe thinking of returning to the UK and likening Brighton to their current environment...not quite the same!!

One other interesting feature is that people are staying on the site for a longer period of time and looking at more pages per visit, the sign of a serious customer.

The internet has definitely created a Global Village.

More to follow.

Paul Bonett