Wow!  A really amazing review of the sales team

Razvana Shah

I cannot praise the Bonetts 'A' team enough.  On my first visit I was welcomed by Timothy and then seen by Michael, who was charming and reassuring.  I was given genuine and helpful advice, as well as the details of a financial adviser, whom I refer to as the "miracle worker."

As a newcomer to Brighton, Timothy was able to help me find the perfect apartment, that ticked all the boxes.  However the actual purchase and completion process became challenging towards the end.  This is when the Bonetts 'A' team kicked into action.  Both Timothy and Terri went above and beyond the call of duty to contain fraught and fragile negotiations between me and the vendor.  Needless to say that their expert skills, unparalleled knowledge, and professionalism was able to appease both parties and enable me to buy my lovely apartment.

Bonetts really is the go to agency.