Your friendly local wine merchant...and much more besides!

If you're a Brightonian, Henry Butler probably needs little or no introduction.  

In the 15 years plus since he took over the Butlers Wine Cellar from his mum and dad, when it was already a great place for wine and conviviality, it has become one of the iconic emporia in our City.  It's not 'all about the wine' though...although, Henry's wines are often unique to his shops or sometimes, even to the UK.

What sets the Butlers apart is the expertise, the experience and the service levels.  Many people try to replicate these but without the 'heart' it doesn't work.  Butler's is definitely one of the beating hearts of Brighton and Hove.  No bull just honest advice...the Bonett's way!

We at Bonett's are really pleased to be very long time friends of Henry's...Paul and Dee knew him when he was in short pants almost...just imagine Henry in short pants...hold that image!  They still live over the road from his Queens Park Road shop.

Over the years, Bonett's and Butlers Wine have created and participated in quite a few events together.  We are now going to make a joint offer to our clients and customers who love Henry, his great wines, rare and select beers, whiskeys and rums you wouldn't believe and oil (yes, he usually has some great oil in stock too!)...and some sake and other quirky one offs!

We're working on a customer offer which we hope will bring a smile to your face.  Watch this space!